Basic Principle

Under the auspices of the ATH Altonaer-Technologie Holding the company ZAE operates independently in the market. Operating profits are largely reinvested, affording latitude for innovations. The distributed profits mainly go to charitable foundations.



Ausschnitt Getriebe

The German abbreviation ZAE stands for:

  • Reliable
  • Driving
  • Efficient

ZAE has been developing, producing and selling leading-edge products in the field of drive technology for almost 100 years. Standard industrial gear units, components and customer-specific solutions have a tradition; through target-oriented innovations in the present we overcome the challenges of our future. We offer our customers quality products with good value for money.



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Our customers see us as leaders in the development and production of worm gear units. In addition we offer an extensive standard gear unit programme which is continuously expanded in consideration of energy efficiency and resource conservation. Furthermore, customer-specific special solutions for diverse drive tasks are being conceived and produced the whole time.

ZAE is a development sprinter from the idea through to serial production.

Specific Values


Überprüfung Produktqualität

Trust and reliability

We are reliable and predicable towards our business partners and employees. Our employees enjoy the necessary freedom of decision and act responsibly. We are conscious of our corporate and social responsibility, trust in our own strength and do not wait for the weaknesses of others.

Respectful interaction

We acknowledge other people’s integrity and inviobility. Any criticism is not directed against the persons involved, but at most against their behaviour.

Entrepreneurial thinking

We should always remain conscious of the effects of our actions on the whole business environment. We recognise opportunities and risks and handle these responsibly. We make careful  use of the resources and values of the company.

Open to change

We create a climate in which learning and change processes become a matter of course in the interest of permanent optimisation. We encourage the curiosity and creativity of our employees and act according to the motto "Nothing is impossible".


We decide for ourselves and do not leave decisions to others!


Customer orientation has a long tradition at ZAE more