Development & Design

Market development brings with it an increased requirement for shorter development times and increased product quality.
Alongside the high level of qualification of our development and design specialists, the optimum use of resources is steadily gaining in importance.

Made in Germany


Decisive in ensuring a quick and reliable development and design process are the principles and tools used.

The basis for the design and for numerical calculations is the 3D CAD system Unigraphics NX8 in conjunction with the PDM system Teamcenter, and in particular also the employment of the FEM method for the calculation of complex components such as for example housing parts.
For the configuration and recalculation of gear wheels and other components ZAE possesses numerous analytical calculation programs.

testing technology


Getriebe auf dem Prüfstand

Tailor-made testing technology enables a constant comparison between theory and practice, creating reliability for both manufacturer and user. All test benches have the latest drive and measurement technology. They are used to test both components as well as end products in respect of transmission behaviour and performance.

Funktionsprüfstände - Leistungsprüfstände

The transmission behaviour of drives is examined on function test benches.

By contrast, drive performance is determined on performance test benches.

A detailed description of our test benches (different application areas) can be found here