ZAE Appointment Announcement


ZAE Verabschiedung Wolfgang Henneke durch Winfried Wittke

ZAE Appointment Announcement

Dipl.-Eng Wolfgang Henneke – ZAE Sales Manager has taken early retirement after over 27 years service with ZAE. In his retirement presentation Managing Director, Winfried Wittke gave thanks for his commitment to both customers and ZAE employees.

On 1st September 2012, Mr Folke Hedder, 48, takes up the position of Director of Sales for ZAE.  Mr Hedder, an engineering graduate started his career with ZAE in 1991.  In addition to his extensive knowledge of the ZAE product range including bevel gears, worm gears, special gears, and gear components produced to customer specifications, he has extensive experience in domestic and international sales and project management.

Folke Hedder has held the position of Deputy Director of Sales since 2002 and is very much looking forward to taking over the responsibility for the very experienced and dedicated sales team. His appointment will ensure that the ZAE strength of providing traditional value and reliable technical and commercial support to customers is fully maintained.

Photo: Winfried Wittke, Folke Hedder, Wolfgang Henneke, Burkhard Meyer (from left)

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