ZAE invests


ZAE Studer CNC S41 universal circular grinding machine

ZAE invests

In order to continue to meet all customer requirements in the long term, ZAE has made a further investment by buying a Studer CNC S41 universal circular grinding machine. This means more accurate, faster and therefore even more cost-efficient production, reflecting ZAE’s constant quest for perfection.

The major strengths of this technologically and economically high-end machine include the virtually unsurpassable accuracy and cutting performance. An essential contribution to this makes the much more massive and rigid, thermally stable machine base made of Granitan S103. That means high-end machine tools. With a maximum height of 275mm and a maximum width of 1,600 mm, work pieces up to a weight of 250 kg can be processed.

The machine is already integrated into the production process so all ZAE customers already benefit from this investment.

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