Worm gear units



Design-optimised worm gear unit
As the first manufacturer of such units, ZAE brought extremely robust worm gear units to the market as long ago as the seventies, complete with single-piece casings. Since then, many product details have been improved upon, not least of which are the considerably increased torques which can now be transmitted.

Already several years ago the small size units with shaft centre distances of 40 to 80 mm were re-worked and can easily be distinguished optically from the predecessor product thanks to their largely smooth casing surfaces.

Now the larger gear units in the series with shaft centre distances of 100 and 200 mm have also been re-worked:

  • More modern visual appearance
  • Further increase in transferred powers
  • Increase in surface area due to additional fins as well as the new design of the fan shroud provide for improved heat dispersion.

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