ZAE is a mover & shaker


In production the following topics play an important part for our customers:



Mitarbeiter an Herstellungsmaschine

Our production processes have to run quickly, flexibly and at a high quality level with minimum scrap. This calls for competent specialists at the manufacturing machines. Expertise, broad processing experience and comprehensive technical know-how are the pillars of our employee skills base.



ZAE Machinery

The ZAE machinery consists of a few conventional NC processing machines and mainly ultra-modern CNC lathing and machining centres. A total of over 50 machines are integrated into the manufacturing process, among them:

Lathing centres:

Machining centres:

Worm grinding machines:

Hobbing machines:

Honing machine for the precision machining of helical gear sets with a higher degree of running smoothness:

Production depth



Our customers benefit from a great production depth. Apart from sintering and hardening all processing steps are carried out in our own manufacturing facility. Short response times are hence guaranteed at all times.

ZAE is geared to implementing spare part deliveries and/or fabrication at extremely short notice. This is of importance for customers above all whenever machine breakdowns would cause lost output.



Auftragsmanagementsystem in einer Computerdarstellung

As a result of the controlling of all manufacturing processes by means of an integrated order management system we are able to guarantee an optimum throughput and smooth production.

Readily available stocks with short replacement times ensure rapid delivery to our customers.