Geared motors

Product concept



Dependent on the job specification, the ideal drive solution can be selected - essentially ZAE uses IEC motors:

  • Single stage worm geared motors
  • Helical worm geared motors
  • Helical worm geared motors, two or three stage
  • Double worm geared motors
  • Bevel geared motors

Performance profile


ZAE different designs of motors
  • Powers 0.09 - 75 kW
  • Drive speeds 0.2 - 500 rpm
  • Drive torques up to 27,000 Nm

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Model diversity


Spezieller Getriebemotor

The ZAE modular system permits a maximum number of versions.

The gear unit motors are optionally available

  • as foot, flange, or attachment versions
  • with or without torque converters

Spare parts lists

Technical information


Einblick in einen Motor

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Application examples


Krabbenkutter beim Heben der Fangnetze

Helical worm geared motors with stainless steel cover in fishing boat (lifting & lowering the nets)


Helical worm geared motors in diesel engines for ships(turn drive for service work)


Worm geared motor in paper cutting machine

The appropriate worm geared motor for your purposes:
ZAE drive technology

When it comes to customized solutions in drive technology, we at ZAE are the experts. Thus we offer our customers, among others, worm geared motors for a wide variety of applications.

In doing so, as with all our products, we attach the greatest importance to quality and processing. Thanks to the ZAE modular system, each worm geared motor can be supplied in many different versions and individually adjusted to your requirements.

Our product range in respect of worm geared motors embraces motors with powers from 0.09 up to 75 kW – attaining drive speeds from 0.2 up to 500 rpm. The worm geared motors we produce attain drive torques of up to 27,000 Nm.

On our web site you have access to our main catalogue, which affords you an overview of our product range in respect of worm geared motors and choose exactly the motor version to match your purposes. Should you require a customized design, however, do not hesitate to contact us.