Helical worm gear units

Product concept


gear units

These gear units combine the advantages of worm gear units with those of spur gear units:

In the first gear high revs range, the multiple worm shafts run at efficiencies of up to 95% at lubrication favourable gear unit ratios. Here, the worm gear stages have optimum vibration damping properties that provide optimized smooth running. Noise-optimized spur gear sets run in the downstream second or third gear reduction stages with equally good efficiency at lower speeds.

Performance profile


Different designs
  • 5 design sizes
  • 2 or 3 gear stages
  • Efficiency up to 95 %
  • Quiet running
  • Transmission ratios from 10 - 1,000:1
  • Drive torques up to 5,000 Nm

Model diversity


ZAE Gear unit models

Gear unit models:

  • foot versions
  • flange versions
  • hollow shaft versions (both with feather key and also shrink-on disk connections)

    with and without torque converters.

Type E: gear unit with free input shaft

Type M: gear unit with motor coupling

  • and motor flange for IEC motors,
  • as well as with square flanges for servomotors
  • on request also with a clamping set.

Spare parts lists

specific gear units


specific gear units

More than 50 % of our worm gear units are individually adjusted to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Technical information


ZAE Helical worm gear units

If required please use this
direct link to power ratings and drawings.

(PDF, 62 pages, 6.0 MB)

Application examples



Extremely quiet stage drives on a cruise liner

Article "Low-noise drive technology" in trade journal

ZAE Turning drive

Turning drive for unwinding system in coating machines

Low backlash gear units for all your needs - ZAE

We at ZAE are specialists in customer-oriented drive technology. In the servo gear unit sector, in particular, we offer low backlash gear units with a high efficiency. Thanks to our many years of experience and constant further development, we have become established as a market leader, integrating all our findings and innovations into our products.

Low backlash gear units are also available in other type series, but it is in the servo gear unit sector that processing quality is in particular demand. Servo gear units are individually matched at the drive side for each servomotor and deliverable in four different design sizes.  As low backlash gear units they naturally have an axially pluggable shaft coupling free from backlash.

We would be happy to address your special requirements in respect of low backlash gear units and develop solutions entirely according to your needs. Why not inform yourself about our innovations on our web site or get in touch with us – we are more than ready to give you detailed advice.