Servo gear units

Product concept


ZAE Servogetriebe

The new servo gear units are individually matched at the drive side for each servomotor.

Optionally a second drive shaft end is provided, e.g. for attachment of a rotary encoder.

Advantages & features


  • Low backlash toothing
  • Four different design sizes
  • Axially pluggable shaft coupling free from backlash
  • Mathematically precise transmission ratios
    (5 - 40:1)
  • Very quiet running
  • High EMERGENCY-OFF torques

Model diversity


Servogetriebe Varianten

The following five drive side models are available:

  • Hollow shaft with clamping set, single or double sided
  • Hollow shaft with feather key groove
  • Drive shaft, single or double side

Technical information


CAD-Darstellung Getriebe

If required please use this
direct link to power ratings and drawings.

(PDF, 4 pages, 1.9 MB)

Application examples



Linear drive for part feeders

Produktionmaschine für die Herstellung von Türzargen

Automated manufacturing of door frames

Servo gear units for the highest requirements - ZAE

With regard to the topic of servo gear units we at ZAE make no compromises whatsoever and supply our customers with products at the highest technical level. Like our other components for drive technology, our servo gear units are also the result of careful development work. The outcome is truly impressive.

Thus our servo gear units are individually matched at the drive side for each servomotor, providing an optimum second drive shaft. Our range offers you servo gear units in four different design sizes, which are optimally characterised by low backlash toothing. Likewise, the axially pluggable shaft coupling free from backlash as well as the high EMERGENCY-OFF torques are some of the strong points which make our servo gear units so effective.

Besides the high quality of our products we also attach great importance to excellent service. Should we have aroused your interest in one of our five servo gear unit models, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You too can benefit from our experience, so let us know how we can be of assistance.